Your Home Is Amazing. It Shouldn't Have Expired.

We’re sorry to see that your home listing has recently expired. It’s never fun when a home listing expires and it can be stressful. However, relisting with a new agent right away can help keep the ball rolling at a great pace! The WalkerLieb Group has a great deal of experience selling homes and we’ve sold a lot of listings that had expired with other agents.

Experience sells homes

Just because your listing expired doesn’t mean you home isn’t valuable. Most of the time, listings expire with agents that lack experience. Don’t let that happen when you relist!

Don’t make the same mistake

In most home seller’s experiences, relisting your home with the same agent makes you less likely to sell your home. It’s good to get a new perspective on what’s blocking your sale.

Online services hurt the pocketbook

Going with an online service like OpenDoor or Zillow may be faster, but it will cost you. Selling your home to an online service is like selling your home to a pawn shop; it can leave up to $40k on the table that you COULD have made listing with an agent.

Sell Your Home

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Get a Great Agent to Sell Your Home

Don’t devalue your home

An expired listing shouldn’t devalue your home. Some agents may say that your home didn’t sell because the price was wrong, but don’t let their careless work reflect the value of YOUR home. The WalkerLieb Group knows the worth of your home and our agents know that the price of your home may not have been why your home did not sell. Relisting your home means looking at all the aspects of why it may not have sold.

Keep up with latest trends

The number one reason homes don’t sell is because agents haven’t kept up on marketing trends. Our staff is dedicated to keeping one another on top of the latest happenings in the Las Vegas real estate market. With our heads combined, we keep up on all the features in your area that can help sell your home. And we’ll be sure to really push the features we know home buyers are looking for!

Finding the right Realtor

Our team has experienced and award-winning members. We will pair you with a realtor who is the best fit for your personality and goals. Someone who gets you and can achieve what you want from selling your home in Las Vegas.

Properly list your home

Inexperienced agents can sometimes mis-represent your home. They can take bad photos, write bad copy, or not be personable enough with people coming to view your home. That’s not a problem with our staff at the WalkerLieb Group. Our team can make any home look like the dream home.

Get creative

An agent must be innovative, creative, and smart to catch home buyers. They have to know all the angles to properly place your home in front of potential buyers. Our inventive team uses social media to show off your home in interesting and new ways; including making video house tours of your home and posting fun and inviting photos.

The WalkerLieb Group Will Sell Your Home

Make relisting a breeze. Agents in the WalkerLieb Group are consistently in the top 1% of realtors internationally in terms of gross sales. We’ve also received recognition as one of the “Top 30 Under 30” international Coldwell Banker real estate agents. That’s the kind of recognition you can trust to sell your home! Give us a call today.