Selling Your Home on Your Own May be Costly

Selling your home on your own may mean missing out on opportunities to make money. The WalkerLieb Group has a great deal of experience selling homes and our closing prices always make our home sellers more money than sellers selling on their own.

Don’t settle for less

Don’t settle for less selling your home by yourself. Most of the time, listing online takes advantage of the sellers lack of experience. Get years of experience with the WalkerLieb Group!

Selling your home online

Don’t do something drastic! Selling your home to an online listing service like OpenDoor or Zillow may be faster, but it will cost you up to $40k left on the table. Selling your home to an online service is like selling your home to a pawn shop; selling with an agent can make you more money in the long run.

List for the proper price

One of the biggest hardships of selling a home is the chance you might have priced it wrong. Without proper appraisal, you could sit on your home for a long time wondering why its not selling. The WalkerLieb Group can help you find a proper appraiser and save you money in the long run.

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For Sale By Owner Common Problems

Look into the legalities

In order to sell your home legally, there is a ton of research and paperwork to do. It’s VERY important to do your research, so you don’t end up breaking a law you didn’t know about. Or you could ask our agents to do the paperwork instead. They’re highly educated in all the legal needs of selling a home.

We’ll alleviate you from the work so you don’t have another thing to stress over while selling your home.

Be safe when showing

We don’t mean to freak you out, but if you plan on showing your home on your own, please use precaution. Have guests sign a guest book and present ID, also never show alone. If the idea of showing a home to strangers freaks you out, you can always get a listing agent to help.

Properly list your home

Bad photos and bad writing can greatly diminish your chances of selling a home. Our staff at the WalkerLieb Group has years of experience selling homes. We take high quality photos all the time and write engaging listing text daily. We know what can sell your home.

Avoid bargain buyers

Selling on your own can entice some interesting buyers. Because you’re selling on your own and not paying an agent, some buyers may think you’re looking for a bargain because you can’t afford an agent. Don’t give ‘bargain buyers’ walk all over you!

Enlist the Help of the WalkerLieb Group

Selling your home can be a piece of cake with the WalkerLieb Group. Our agents are recognized as top 1% gross sales realtors all over the world. We’ve also received recognition as one of the “Top 30 Under 30” international Coldwell Banker real estate agents. Call our team today and let us apply that awarded knowledge to selling your home!